Structural Steel Erection & Miscellaneous Erection

Sowles Company excels in the challenging field of steel erection services as an AISC Certified Advanced Steel Erector. Our skilled crews handle diverse steel structure projects, delivering excellent results across various sizes, climates, and site conditions. We adapt to unique project requirements, exceed client expectations, and earn repeat customers.

Our portfolio includes expertise in:

  • High-Rise Construction: Contributing to complex projects with demonstrated expertise.
  • Stadiums and Arenas: Providing reliable and safe steel installations for sports venues.
  • Public & Private Institutions: Delivering high-quality steel construction in collaboration with respected institutions like Mayo and Sanford Health.
  • Power Plants and Refineries: Completion of projects in challenging environments, including Alaska, nuclear sites, and Department of Defense projects, with a proven high standard of safety.
  • Airplane Hangars and Manufacturing: Constructing facilities for industry giants such as Boeing and Delta Airlines.
  • Facilities for Prominent Companies: Undertaking projects for organizations like Lockheed-Martin, Intel, Cargill, and 3M.
  • Small-scale Projects: Our services include stairs, ornamental railings, canopies, and trellis framing for local businesses, area schools and neighborhood churches.