Post Tensioning

Post-tensioning (P.T.) is a method of strengthening concrete structures using steel strands. These strands are installed in mono-strand or multi-strand applications. By incorporating post-tensioning steel, concrete structures can achieve greater spans. The P.T. strands are installed in beams, girders, and slabs before the concrete pour.

Once the concrete is poured and adequately cured, the P.T. strands are stressed, followed by form removal. All these steps are carefully controlled and sequenced according to engineering design requirements and the concrete’s strength at each stage.

At Sowles Company, we employ Post Tensioning Institute (PTI) certified installers who follow approved drawings for P.T. installation. Our expertise in this construction technique extends to various structures, including high-rises, parking ramps, offices, apartments, hospitals, bridges, and arenas.

With our team of PT certified installers, you can trust Sowles Company for reliable and professional post-tensioning services.